Emergency Information

We hope it doesn't come up, but here is some information if you do have an emergency.

Emergency Phone

  • If you don not have phone service, there is a 911-only phone available day/year round at the community park area in the pavilion.  Please use it if necessary!


  • If you do have a fire, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!!!  They'll scramble our assets as soon as possible.
  • The community is serviced by Mason County Fire District #17.  We have a volunteer station with equipment up by our community pool area.  We are always looking for more great volunteers!
  • Always remember - NO FIREWORKS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!!  We want to protect our homes, families, friends, and surroundings!  Fireworks are only allowed down at the beach for our special occasions.


  • Again, if you have a medical emergency, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!!! There are emergency care providers in our area and they will be activated immediately.
  • In general, the closest hospital is in Shelton (Mason General Hospital) and is about 40 minutes away to the South.  To the North, there is the Jefferson Healthcare Medical Center which is about 55 minutes away.  For lesser emergencies during working hours, there are clinics in Hoodsport and Quilcene.
  • If you are in desperate need of some medical equipment, there is a first aid kit in the community park area in the pavilion.
  • If you see someone in need of help, please lend a hand!

Community fire station