Beach Information

The Beacon Point Community Club has a private beach on the Hood Canal.  You can hang out on the beach, go clamming and oystering, or launch a boat from our community boat launch.  It is a great place to spend the day and enjoy the bounty of the Hood Canal.

There are picnic tables and a fire pit on the grassy area.  During the summer, there is a Port-o-potty so you don't have to run up to your house or find more primitive methods to relieve yourselves.

The beach area has gated access and is limited to community members and their families.  Members can access the beach with the key provided to them.  There are a few rules that have to be followed on the beach.

  • People on the beach must wear a BPCC button
  • Guests must be accompanied by BPCC members/lot owners
  • Only community members and members of their immediate family are allowed to harvest seafood from the beach.  Guests are not allowed to harvest shellfish.  If you have guests that want to harvest shellfish, please head to one of the many local state parks that allow public shellfish harvesting.
  • Do not harvest oysters or clams South of the boat launch rails - that is our neighbor's tide lands.
  • Community member limits on shellfish are:
    • 72 oysters per lot per day
    • 40 clams per lot per day
    • Valid Washington State shellfish licenses are required
  • Oyster shells must remain on the beach
  • Dogs are allowed in the grassy area but not allowed on the beach.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.  Dogs must remain on leashes.
  • Motorcycles, boat trailers, and motorized vehicles of any kind are prohibited on the beach, except as determined by the Board of Directors

Beach Photos